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Traditional spicy sushi

While some fans of Japanese culture re-read the works of Haruki Murakami, others learn the features of “samurai food”. Japanese cuisine has already lost its tinge of exoticism, but this does not stop her from captivating everyone

Japan Soup

In Japan, two types of soups are the most popular. The first, traditional Miso soup, the broth for which is prepared on the basis of the miso ingredient of the same name. Miso, like rice, is the cornerstone of Japanese cooking; it is added to almost all dishes and sauces.  The preparation of this ingredient occurs by fermentation (fermentation) of soybeans, cereals, or a

Sashimi – an excursion into history

Sashimi, or how to pronounce it in Japanese, “Sashimi” is a national Japanese dish made from raw fish fillet and other seafood cut into pieces. Sometimes sashimi is made from fish or seafood that has undergone minimal

Rules for using sticks

Rolls are just a kind of sushi – Makizushi (巻 き 寿司: twisted sushi). Differing not so much in ingredients as in appearance, the taste sensations from sushi and rolls are still different. Most often, the acquaintance

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