Rules for using sticks

Rolls are just a kind of sushi – Makizushi (巻 き 寿司: twisted sushi). Differing not so much in ingredients as in appearance, the taste sensations from sushi and rolls are still different. Most often, the acquaintance of a novice sushi lover begins with rolls. At this point, the future fan is faced with unusual chopsticks at the table. After training and illustrative examples of friends, the sticks no longer fall out of hands and begin to behave appropriately to their purpose. But, even having mastered this science, for the young sushi lover there are several more unknown rules for using sticks:

  • Do not insert sticks vertically into food, especially in rice.
  • Do not transfer food with chopsticks into chopsticks to another person (but if you can, then this is already an easy degree of acrobatics).
  • Do not put it with your chopsticks on someone else’s plate. All these actions have an external resemblance to the customs associated with the burial of the dead and commemoration, so they are considered indecent during a normal meal.
  • Do not take anything in one hand with your wands (iPhone is also not allowed).
  • Do not move the plates with chopsticks.
  • Do not point with chopsticks.
  • Do not pinch sticks in a fist (this is considered an unfriendly sign, like a declaration of war).
  • Do not put sticks across the bowl.
  • Before you ask for more rice, sticks should be put.